Zuerst Bis Zehn returns! The scoop on FGC tournament Viennality from the Hatschka!

Welcome back everyone to another First to Ten.  I know it’s been awhile and we have had some exciting announcements since the last time. One of the biggest being the Mortal Kombat 11 reveal.  The community has been waiting for quite some time to see this and so have I. Having seen early development on the game it was a long time of keeping ones mouth shut.  I’m glad that I can finally jump for joy in excitement for the launch of this new title in April with my friends and fellow community members.

Some of the largest supports of the NRS scene we see come from Europe.  We have a strong bunch of support from personalities and their scene like Ketchup and Mustard but also a very strong heart in Austria.  I first met St9rm who is a competitive player but also some of the brains behind Viennality at ESL MKX Pro League Season 2 finals. He was competing with his super strong Takeda. Later down the line at Combo Breaker I finally got to meet the other part of the planning, The Hatschka.  

I felt it would be great with the most recent announcement of this tournament to interview this gentleman about what it is that they do and to find out a little bit more about him going into 2019 with one of the EU’s most MK supported events hands down.  

Hatschka himself.

1.   Hatschka!  Thank you for being a part of this interview.  
Please tell everyone a little bit about yourself; your name, where you’re from, etc.

Hey, thanks for letting me be part of this interview series. My name is Georg (theHatschka) Hatschka and was I born in 1985 in beautiful old Vienna. Ever since I was born, my life is determined to creativity. Making music for years as a drummer with various punk rock bands and producing hip hop albums shaped me as a person. My first ever passion, which is still a passion until this day, is skateboarding. Living a turbulent live as a musician / skater, I always found my balance in video games. Meanwhile, I’m the father of two children, am married to a lovely wife, make music with my band and have a day job. Not long ago, I also tried my luck as an artist and painted abstract pictures, built sculptures and sprayed many cans of graffiti. In addition to all the hobbies and passions I collected caps, Supra shoes, Blu-Rays & DVDs and most recently, everything related to fighting games. Obviously, I do collect a lot of MK stuff as well. One could say, it’s difficult for me to throw things away! HAHAHA: D

2.  When did you first get into Mortal Kombat?  What was the most exciting part of the games for you?

I can remember it as if it had been yesterday. I got a Sega Megadrive at Christmas 1995. My cousin then brought MK2 to my grandmother and from then on I was in the Mortal Kombat fever. In the beginning, the violence was not the most important thing. We enjoyed that the characters look so “realistic”. The combat system was also very different from Street Fighter. Keep in mind that our parents did not think anything at the time and just let us play video games! But UMK3 was the first one where I started practicing combos and did not just hit the keys. Over the years, I’ve played all the other parts but never really lost myself in it. That changed a lot with MK9.

3.  How did you start Viennality?

That’s pretty easy to answer, we did it. St9rm and I sat together, drinking a few beers and wondered if we would manage to host a Mortal Kombat tournament. Since I have already gained a lot of experience with organizing events, I told him: You bring the participants and I organize the rest. That’s not how it ended and we had a lot of help from many good people. For me it was a tournament to do something new. I have never been to an FG tournament before Viennality 2k16. I did not know what to expect. But Viennality 2k16 was an absolute success and I knew at 3:00 in the morning (there was the final) that we will continue. After the evening / night I realized what I wanted to do with my life and that was to be a TO. I made it a passion for MK and did not realize that there is something like Esport and that the FGC is the best community to live for.

Photo from Viennality event.

4.  What was the most difficult moment you’ve experienced in running Viennality?

So every time there are always problems that you did not have on your mind beforehand. In the 1st year, the biggest problem at the beginning was to get all the consoles. At the beginning I did not think about that. But through our great community, the problem has been resolved again. In the 2nd year getting all the games themselves was quite a challenge. But then we got the support for WB as we got the “MK Cup Austria” in 2016. We got 10 MK Codes and 4000 € as PotBonus. When people like Madzin, Tekken Master, RZA, A Foxy Gramdpa and many other international names joined us, it was clear that Viennality was an international tournament for the very first time. Our first year’s commentators were Brett Bieling and Dustin “Godspeed” Kane all the way from the States.

5.  How long have you known St9rm?  How did you guys start doing this together?

I met St9rm 2015 at the first MKX Cup Stop in Vienna. As in many situations, you learn FGs only when you are in the community. I use to beat all my friends in MK9 and MKX ready that they persuaded me to participate in the tournament. After I noticed there that I am not good at Mortal Kombat I was invited by Alex (MK_Al the brain behind the time management of Viennality) to come to VDV (Virtual Dojo Vienna www.virtualdojovienna.com). There in a small cellar I met the viennese FGC for the first time. With St9rm and the others from the NRS Scene we started our weekly tournament FRIDAY FATAL FIGHTS. That was the start of a great friendship and the beginning of a great partnership.

The iconic duo of St9rm and Hatschka

6.  What is one thing you hope is in Mortal Kombat 11?

There is so much that I expect. I found the variation system very cool. What I would like to see return are  Babalities. I found that very funny in MK9. I hope we get interesting guest characters. As a Scorpion main I hope that he will be a top tier character, so i manage to win a little more often: D! I trust NRS that they will make a good MK11. I’m also very happy for new characters and Merch. Yes, I have even made room in my apartment for all the new stuff.

7.  What is your favorite memory from Viennality in the past?

My most important memory and pride is that we made such a name for ourselves in such a short time. In total, people from more than 22 nations come to us. That also the big names of the NRS Community play with us every year shows me that we must be doing something correct. The fact that the entire EU community has kept an eye on us and come to us every year proves that they like to come. Viennality is an event that comes from the heart focuses on the community and everyone having a good time.

Tournament match live from the venue of Viennality.

8.   You went to Combo Breaker this past year, what was your experience like there?  Would you go again?

CB was a revelation for us all. I’ve learned a lot and saw things I’ve never seen before. We were already there 1 day before and Rick gave us the OK that we have a look at the venue etc. We took a close look at learning a lot for ourselves. We had many questions and they were all answered. CB as an event, is a big role model to us. Blacky from “Juicy Game Night” also welcomed us warmly and gave us a look behind the scenes. He took good care of us and told us a lot. I hope to see you all again in 2019. If nothing comes up we will see each other CB2019. But I would be happy to welcome you all in Vienna. But CB was one of the best weekends in my life.

9.  What kind of food or drinks should people check out when they come to Viennality?

BEER! Vienna has its own beer culture. A nice cold beer in the Museumsquartier with friends after work can only be recommended. Everybody has eaten classic Schnitzel! But if you like sweet main dishes, you should eat “Kaiserschmarn”. This is like pancakes just chopped and with an applesauce. That’s my secret tip! .. Oh, have i mentioned that there is very good beer in Vienna?

10.  Are there any new goals you wish to accomplish in 2019 with your tournament?

I would be very happy if we grow. More people from all over the world enjoying Vienna and Viennality. We are a MK / NRS event and we know that too, but we love the whole FGC and try to bring all the pro tours to Vienna. I want every participant to play his game as best he can and would like to come back. Esport is just starting in Austria and Viennality is one of the hottest events in Austria. All big games like Fortnite, LOL or CS: GO did not even have nearly as many viewers on Twitch as we did. So Austria is a FGC country and I want to see it grow. In this sense #FGCisPUNKROCK


You heard it here folks.  Viennality is a great event that also is typically now on the Esports tour line up for NRS games.  Make sure you book your trip to Vienna before it gets too late and check this place out for yourself!

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