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Just a little over a week ago we witnessed the magic that comes annually called Combo Breaker.  If you ever have a chance to go to an FGC tournament, this is the one you don’t want to miss. Additionally, this was and always is a great tournament for the NRS community.  Our community did not just ONLY have Injustice 2 there, but MKX and the return of MK9!  The whole experience was phenomenal and you really missed out if you didn’t go or watch!

Mortal Kombat 9 was very interesting to see for myself in a competitive environment.  Back in the day when it was THE NRS game, I was just a casual, so it was very enjoyable to see the competitive level of this and what was absolutely broken in this game.  We witnessed Sonicfox lose to a returning MK9 legend named Curbolicious. The grand finals were very hype. Even before that there was more insane hype like Dizzy’s Johnny Cage and Tommy Wafflez overpowered Smoke.  Moments like these really make us feel happy for being a part of this community and its games.  One of my favorite moments was watching the top 8 for Injustice 2.  Not only did we have a new Injustice 2 champion (Tweedy) but we saw people finally make a top 8 at a major in this game.  One specifically, being team Method’s very own, SylverRye.

Ryan Amaechi is someone who made a name for himself in the MKX days with his Liu Kang.  The stories in this community that develop with the growth of players is always inspiring and I sincerely feel Ry is one of those who we follow that has an ongoing tale of greatness.  That’s why I chose him for this week’s First to Ten. I met Ry during the MKX days and he’s been only kind-hearted. This man is not only a dedicated player but a dedicated father to a beautiful little girl and an all around family man.  But hey, let’s not waste anymore time and get into learning more about Ry!

Screenshot from the Combo Breaker Top 8 stream.

1.  Ryan, thanks for joining us today.  First off tell everyone a little bit about yourself and where you’re from and what you do.

Thanks for having me! I’m a pretty simple guy from the east coast. I have a daughter who lives with me and is 2 years old. I used to work for Cigna but I had to quit to become a caretaker for my father on dialysis. Its pretty rough but i have a good amount of time to practice.

2.  When did you get into competitive gaming?  What was your first time competing like?

I started competing in 2015 when MKX released.  Competing for my first time was an eye opener. I had never played on a monitor back then and the net-code was pretty shoddy at the time so i played without doing cancels and only very basic BNBs (lol). It took until early 2016 for me to hit my stride.

3.  As you mentioned, you are not just a competitive player but also a dedicated father.  How do you balance trying to stay pro while having a family?

Great question! My girlfriend is actually extremely helpful with our daughter. She watches her while I practice and we rotate. Sometimes I’ll watch her while she plays or goes out and other times she’ll watch her while I do the same. When she’s not around I just hold her in my lap and play, or play matches while simultaneously playing with her.

Ryan and his beautiful little girl.

4.  What motivates you the most when competing? Does this help you when you have a down moment in tournament?

My family motivates me the most. I want to win, I want them to be proud of me. When I’m down in a tournament they are all I think about.  Also, I personally pray to God before an event.

5.  I remember it took awhile even after you were placing in top 8’s to get a sponsor.  What was that journey like and how do you feel being sponsored now?

The journey was tough! Paying your way can be very expensive. I didn’t know how to approach sponsors either so I just said “If I’m good enough maybe one will come to me!”

Being sponsored is a double edged sword.  I love being a part of a team, but I feel very pressured internally, like I MUST do good at all times. And pool matches are nerve racking because everyone wants the underdog to beat you. All in all I do enjoy it very much though. Method is also very understanding and supportive.

6.  What is your opinion on rivalries in the scene? Do you have any rivalries and have you faced these people in tournament ever?

I love a good rivalry as long as it’s kept in game and personal shots are left out. Only “rivalry” I’ve ever had was with a player named “limbodog” who disagreed with me over the game and personally attacked me by making fun of my dad’s condition. We played on’s war of the Gods and i 5-0’ed him, easy.

***Readers***: You can watch the match at 3:26:20 on this YouTube video from Stream.Me

7.  Now you went from playing Batman to Hellboy, what do you feel you like more or less about your new character compared to your old one?  Do you think you’ll stick with him?

I am 100% sticking with Hellboy, he is insanely fun! I think he’s much better than Batman. His mobility makes it so that no matter how bad a match-up is, the opponent has to play YOUR game. I have batman still on the side as well.

8.  What kind of things do you do outside of competition?  Do you ever struggle with finding time for these things with your busy life?

Most of the time I’m either hanging with my daughter and girlfriend, or I’m taking care of my dad. I do struggle at times between taking care of my baby, getting my dads meds, taking him to dialysis at 4 AM, cooking, shopping etc. If you noticed, I have huge bags under my eyes because I’m so busy and average 3-4 hrs of sleep a day (lol). But as long as there are 24 hours in a day, I can find time for anything  

9.  What is something you’d like to see improve in the community?  How about something you’d like to improve about your own self?

I’d like to see our community support more than one NRS game at a time.  There is no reason why a new game should drop and the old one is thrown aside. Also, I’d definitely improve my temper. I have a short fuse and it’s something I’ve been trying so hard to change.

Scar, SonicFox, and SylverRye at NEC. Photo by Shinob-E.

10.  What are your plans for the IPS season / where can we catch you next at?

My plan is to straight up make IPS finals and hopefully win. I know I’m good, I just need to show everyone else. I’ll be at CEO, EVO, SCR and any east coast tournaments.



Thank you so much Ry for your time.  I hope everyone enjoyed learning a little bit about this player in our community.  He always seems to have the best interest of others in mind.

You can stay up to date with Ry on his social media and other platforms here:


As always, thank you for supporting this blog and checking us out another week.
I hope to keep delivering this enjoyable content to you.  I am always open to feedback.

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