FGC Health: Romanova and Decay’s guide to snack cravings and tournament travel


Thank you everyone for the spark of positive energy that radiated from last week’s fit post.  It makes me happy so many people are interested in such a subject even if weight loss isn’t their goal.  It’s great to know people care about  healthy meals and basics to fitness.

This week I wanted to help shine light on some good snacking alternatives with tournament season coming up.  It’s a lot more simple than you think.  Especially if you don’t have dietary restrictions such as a dairy allergy or gluten allergy.  However, we have solutions for those too!

Decay and I have traveled a lot for tournaments and just in general for things we enjoy.  One of the hardest things can be keeping on track when you travel.  But, there are hacks to this.  Small things that you can do to help and also counteract the unhealthy things you may consume while at events.

Gains on the go.

First we’ll go over some stuff pre-travel you can practice at home, snacking alternatives.

I know some of my favorite things to binge on before going healthy were doritos and other high carb and gmo filled treats.  Luckily the supermarkets have a lot of alternatives now too!  A common misconception also is that fruit is a healthy snack.  Small amounts of fruit especially earlier in the day are not bad for you, but over all many fruits are high in sugar and also add to your carb count for the day. You’re best off snacking with more protein based foods if you can.

Snacking at home:

My current favorite for a chip alternative are these cheese puffs made out of chickpeas.  Chickpeas you say?  How could these taste good? I highly recommend trying “Hippeas” they’re the same texture and shape as a cheese puff and the far out fajita flavor is out of this world.  Decay loves the white cheddar flavor.  And if you’re a dairy-free person the white cheddar is dairy-free. These come in at about 17g carbs per serving (and I think a serving is like 20 pieces) so you have quite a point here to get a snack fulfillment. They additionally have 4g of protein per serving as well.  I’m a huge fan of these and their flavors.

Visual image from the packaging of these treats!

One of Decay’s favorite snacks when he’s having a low carb friendly day is celery with organic peanut butter.  Yes, that simple.  This is a treat I think we all saw our parents typically try to make but probably with little raisins on top to dub the “ants on a log” look.  But peanut butter is a healthy fat especially if you get one that doesn’t have additives and is just the ground peanuts, palm oil, etc.

A great snack to make at home that is a healthy and high protein treat would be non-fat greek yogurt, agave nectar drizzle, and organic granola.  You wanna make it only about 1/2 cup of greek yogurt for the portion, but that is about 14g protein itself.  The carbs you’d count from this would be that of the granola specifically.  If you get a granola that has the label gluten free the benefit is most of the ingredients are better kinds of carbs.  I won’t get into it here but there is a difference between complex carbs and regular carbs like that in white bread.  Not all carbs are the enemy and that’s important to know.  I really enjoy this granola I’m going to post here and it has some hemp seed in it also which is great for you


Snacking outside the home:

Now with a few alternatives listed above.  What can you do at tournaments?  You’re on the go constantly.  On the floor, waiting for pools, you’re hungry.  Instead of getting those overpriced nachos, let’s elaborate on on the go snacks you can bring.

First and most convenient, we have protein bars.  Not all protein bars are good for you.  But some brands are.  Quest has a great variety and you cannot go wrong with the cookies and cream quest bars.  A whopping 3 net carbs and 21g protein you have a great snack on the go to hold you over till you can consume a full meal.  Some other protein bar brands I’ll back are ONE and MusclePharm.  MusclePharm actually has some great vegan friendly with a good texture protein bars.  I am currently dairy free so I tend to order these. The peanut butter flavor is amazing, you won’t regret trying it.  Luckily most stores will carry quest brand though. So you can get those at the gas station you stop at prior to your matches.

Protein powder is actually another amazing thing to bring traveling.  You can conveniently mix it with water and you have a tasty shake depending on what brand you buy.  Optimum Nutrition and Syntha-6 are some of my favorite mix with water whey proteins.  If you need something non dairy that mixes well with water the Vega All-In-One Vanilla Chai absolutely tastes like a chai latte and has no texture or chalky appearance after shaking it.  I like it more than whey shakes in all honesty and it has vitamins and minerals you need for your day in it also.

The third one that Decay and I enjoy a lot when traveling for snacks are jerky and nuts.  Decay enjoys a good beef jerky.  Any of the jerky especially if it is a natural one you’ll notice might be high in sodium (make sure you’re drinking lots of water and you’ll be okay) but they are pure protein and no carbs essentially.  Same goes for nuts.  Where I prefer almonds and cashews, Decay is a big fan of pistachios.  All of which are delicious and a quick snack.  If you aren’t a fan of the regular taste of salted or lightly salted almonds though, you can try some of the flavor fusions that Blue Diamond brand makes or also gas stations typically have these amazingly yummy dark chocolate dusted almonds.  Any of these are great choices and help hold you over eating a handful in between matches until you can get out to eat.

I really hope these help some of you.  If there are others I can think of I’ll definitely add more to this. But for now I feel these are the best go-to’s when your goals are to stay healthy and give yourself some proper nutrition when at tournaments.

One last little note I wanted to add in that has helped me personally, I sometimes will use a coffee with only almond milk in it or a Vanilla Coke ZERO as a filler before a meal. I wouldn’t recommend this for someone who craves sweets and hasn’t learned control yet. But I swear it helps me from binge snacking so much and feels like a treat.  As long as it’s not in excess it’s totally a great way to cut back cravings for things that we all desire.

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