Feeling blue never felt so good: First to Ten gets to know CLN | Deoxys

The past 2 weeks in the NRS branch of the FGC has had some excitement.  Not only was a pot bonus for MK9 announced recently for Combo Breaker but we also saw a new hero rise up at the tournament Texas Showdown.  The top 8 definitely wasn’t free at this tournament. And at this tournament we saw a blue beetle player by the name (CLN) Deoxys rise above to take 1st place over known Scarecrow main, (RNG) Whiteboi.

It’s always a refreshing feeling for a community when a character we haven’t seen take a tournament yet rises to the occasion.  Blue Beetle has definitely been seen in tourney play but I don’t know if anyone saw this coming. It’s always great to shine light on this.  Before I go into who this week’s guest is, I’d like to give a shoutout also to the Northern Arena tournament for Injustice 2. They’ve been providing weekly excitement for us all and have done a wonderful job in doing such.  Thank you for everything you’ve been doing for the community.

But again, our guest this week had to be Deoxys.  I always love shining light on someone the community might not know that much about who has made a name for themselves.  I’m just as interested as well as everyone else I’m sure to know where he came from and what got him into all this. With no more delay, let’s get to it.

Deoxys and Event Director of Texas Showdown, Javi Moreno // Photo by Chris Bahn (http://chrisbahn.com)

1.  Deoxys, thank you for joining us.  Tell us first a little bit about yourself: your name, where you’re from, and how long you’ve been playing fighting games competitively.

Thank you so much for having me! My name is Julien, I am 17 years old and I am from Dallas, Texas. The first competitive fighting game I ever played was Mortal Kombat X. I started playing it as soon as it released in April 2015 because a friend of mine at school told me it was gonna be a really good game. I played it casually for the first week or two, but my competitive drive sparked when there was a debate at my school about who the best player was. I started to watch high-level gameplay of guys like Sonicfox so I could learn all the best strategies, and that’s when I really started to become interested in playing the game at the highest level.

2.  Is Injustice 2 your only NRS title you play or have played?  If not, what other titles did you play and have you ever competed in those?

The only two NRS games I have ever played are Injustice 2 and MKX, which I played competitively in both. I am also currently trying to learn Dragon Ball FighterZ so I can play that at a high level as well.

3.  What drove you to choose Blue Beetle?  Have you played him since the launch of the game?

When I first saw the character roster of Injustice 2, I was actually not interested in Blue Beetle at all. I was extremely excited to play as Scarecrow because of how he looked in Batman: Arkham Knight, but slightly lost interest when I discovered how linear he was in terms of his playstyle. My interest for Blue Beetle started when I played against a player named Atai, who was one of my main training partners at the beginning of the game’s life. The consensus among the community was that Blue Beetle was a very bad character, but after playing Atai’s Blue Beetle my mind was completely changed. It was a combination of Atai’s usage of Blue Beetle and how unpopular he was as a character that made me really interested in him, so I started to play him seriously around September of last year.

4.  What are some of your hobbies outside of competitive gaming?  Do you ever find it hard to find time for practicing competing?

I used to love making music on a program called Ableton Live, and would upload beats consistently to Soundcloud. I started to lose interest in that after a while though and eventually stopped doing it altogether. Most of my free time goes toward practicing Injustice when I’m not busy with school work.

5.  You didn’t have a very easy path at Texas Showdown, what was it like having to take down talented players like Scar and Whiteboi to win?  

It was an incredible feeling to beat both Scar and Whiteboi. I felt really confident against Whiteboi since I used to play Scarecrow myself and knew a lot of his gimmicks and whatnot. However, I was pretty nervous to play against Scar because of how many characters he plays and his familiarity with Blue Beetle. I wasn’t able to mentally prepare myself for the character he was gonna pick because I had no idea who he felt most comfortable with against Blue Beetle. I was very surprised he stuck with The Atom in all three games against me, but luckily I had enough basic knowledge of the character to win the set. Overall, I know I am capable of winning against players of that caliber and am very happy I was finally able to do it at an event like this.

Whiteboi and Deoxys during Grand Finals at Texas Showdown // Photo by Chris Bahn (http://chrisbahn.com)

6.  What inspires you most to keep pushing yourself?

I would say my love for competing and love for the game alone help me push myself. It is also a good motivator to see my hard work pay off, so I know if I continue to play and grind then I will reach the goals I’ve set for myself.

7.   Are there any games you play outside of Injustice 2 consistently?

I play a few other games casually like Gran Turismo, Minecraft, Fortnite, and things like that that are a lot more laid back than fighting games. Dragon Ball FighterZ is undoubtedly the game I play most besides Injustice though. I’m a HUGE dbz fan.

8.  What tournaments are you most excited for this year?

I’m most excited for CEO since it’s going to be my next one, and I know a lot of friends who will be going too. Sadly I cannot attend Combo Breaker since that takes place on the weekend that I graduate from high school, but Combo Breaker is going to be extremely fun to spectate. It’s also nice to have a little break and take the pressure off competing for a little bit!

9.   I saw on your twitter you are going to be doing lessons for players seeking to get better at the game.  Can you elaborate on that here and explain what you are bringing to the table to those interested?

The idea started when I was helping some of my friends from school learn how to play Injustice. They learned how to do combos and mechanics of the game a lot faster than I learned when I first started out because I had no one to teach me. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the game with people who are seriously looking to improve, so that was my main motive for setting this all up. Whether it’s playing a set, breaking down high-level play, explaining advanced mechanics, or discussing matchups/matchup advice, I am hoping to be very versatile with what I am able to provide.

10.  What is one area you’d like to improve in as far as when you compete? (This can pertain to how you play your character or how you react in a tournament environment)

Without a doubt, it would have to be my emotions. When I lose in a tournament I get really upset about it, and I think way too many negative thoughts that affect my play. It’s something I’ve definitely gotten better about over the past few months, but I still feel like it’s my biggest struggle currently. As far as my actual gameplay, I will probably never be satisfied with any particular area of my play; I am always looking to improve in every area.

Deoxys (1st) and Whiteboi (2nd), Scar though not pictured (3rd) IJ2 // Photo by Chris Bahn (http://chrisbahn.com)

Thank you Deoxys for a much appreciated look inside your life!

You can keep up to date with this guy on the following:

Twitter: @Deoxys_FGC

Twitch: Deoxys_FGC

Youtube: Deoxys243

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